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Family Owned Business specialising in manufacturing and international distribution

1919 Astley Dye & Chemical Co. Ltd Founded

Astley Dye & Chemical Co. Ltd founded in 1919 by Harry Pilling – initially set up to import & export “dyes & chemicals”, quickly became a manufacturer of a self-cleaning washing product named ACDO after the company using the initial letters of the company name (originally called ADCO).

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1928 Astley Dye & Chemical Co. Moves

Harry moves the company into its own custom-built and owned premises in Mallison Street, Bolton, which remain as the company’s head office to this day, albeit now very changed and extended.

1949 A new machine operator

Marshall Pilling joins ACDO as a machine operator. In the coming years Marshall created and launched Glo white leading him to be appointed as Managing Director in 1956.

1987 The passing of our founder

Harry Pilling, founder of ACDO sadly passes away, leaving his son Marshall at the helm as Chairman

1992 Brandon Pilling Appointed Director

In 1992 Harry Pilling’s grandson, Brandon Pilling, was appointed Managing Director on 29th March.

1995 Acdocosa Founded

1995 marked the start of Astley Dye's international ventures with Director Brandon Pilling exploring a variety of investments in South Africa beginning with Mates Beauty, a personal care distribution company based in Johannesburg.

1999 Acdoco Launches

It was decided to resolve the dichotomy between ACDO the manufacturer of products, ACDO the trading and distribution specialist, and Acdo the brand and to create a new name for the company’s latter interests. To maintain the heritage of the business, for simplicity and for memorability, the name that was chosen was ACDOCO.

2000 The New Millennium

The year 2000 was marked, sadly, by the death of its then Chairman Marshall Pilling; this now left the company in the sole control of its new Chairman and Managing Director Brandon Pilling.

2007 A Significant Decision

2007 saw existing trading partners Delta Pronatura become shareholders in the ACDOCO business resulting in the formation of a new commercial business seperating the business into ACDOCO (Commercial) and Acdopro (Production).

After exploring various projects in South Africa over the previous decade, ACDOCOSA is formed as a commercial entity in South Africa. ACDOCOSA import, distribute and represent international brands via exclusive contracts within South African retail.

Our Team

Brandon Pilling, Managing Director

Brandon Pilling

Managing Director, Chairman

Appointed as Marketing Director in 1989, Managing Director in 1992 and Chairman and Managing Director in 2000 Brandon continues to have an active role in all businesses associated with Astley Dye & Chemical Co. Ltd.

Elizabeth Pilling

Regulatory Director

Elizabeth joined the business in 2001 as Regulatory Director and plays active role in Astley Dye & Chemical Co. and Acdopro.

Sarah Edwards

Marketing Manager

Sarah-Jane joined the business in 2011, employed by Astley Dye as Marketing Manager, Sarah-Jane's role is currently supporting the Marketing Department at ACDOCOSA, and acting as Key liaison between European principals and the South African distribution base.

Jeremy Bird


Jeremy Bird appointed as Director in 2014, a retail expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Based in South Africa with frequent travel for business commitments in the UK, Jeremy is able to provide insight and support across all businesses in the UK and South Africa.

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